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  1. This word sounds French… it would be something to do with food… a herb or a spice. Or a soup.
    Your poetry makes me hungry, I love it.

  2. Well, the word this poem is based on is actually French. If I was to write this poem in French it would probably be something like ”gourbare”. But I think it doesn’t really work in French.

    And maybe that would be the perfect reason for me to start writing in French also. In addition to the fact that I don’t know French at all.

  3. Wow, I really said ’French’ a lot there.

  4. Well you just demonstrated that you can write poetry in French even if you’re not actually able to speak French. And make French people like it.
    Go French.

    Also, if Google translates this page from Finnish to English, it translates the English bits too for some reason, and manages to turn them into some sort of cabbalistic mumbo jumbo. It’s kinda fascinating.


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